We get asked a lot from our Guests on how they can save money on their Disney vacation. Many warehouse clubs sell Disney gift cards at a slight discount. Sam’s Club usually has $500 Disney gift cards for $479. That’s almost a 5% discount! Compound this with using a credit card that give you 2% cash back and the small discounts can start to add up.

Let’s use an example of a Disney vacation with a price of $2,500. We can buy five $500 gift cards for $2,395 (saving $105). If we use a credit card that gives 2% cash back, then we will get $47.90. So far we have saved $152.90 on the vacation. If we use the gift cards to fund our Disney Vacation Account, we will get $20 for every $1,000 we spend on the vacation. So we will get $40 from the DVA. We are now at $192.90 saved which is 8% off our vacation.

This doesn’t count any credit card exclusives (an example would be the Discover card gives extra cash back for certain categories quarterly) or signing up for a new credit card where if you purchase a certain amount within the first three months you get $200 to $500 cash back.

There are definitely ways to save money on your Disney vacation if you are willing to be resourceful and don’t mind spending some time to save money.

What tips do you have on saving money for or on your Disney Vacation?